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Norwich Carthedral Peregrines Activity Log- 25/05/2018

Thanks to todays volunteers for the activity log.

9.30 Male sitting on a crocket to the right of the platform.

9.45 Male dives off the spire, returns empty taloned and lands three crockets above the previous perch.

10.15 GA on west side of the spire four crockets down from the top.

11.03 Male caught a blackbird and took it back to the spire to pluck, half way between nest box and the top. GA flies to nest box and is very vocal. Male joins GA in the box and feeds the chicks. The male flew off and landed in a similar positon.

11.20 Male changes position to six crockets down.

11.25 GA leaves the nest after feeding the chicks and lands on the North side of the spire.

11.42 Male leaves crocket and flies West.

12.44 GA leaves North side and flies off.

12.55 Male flies off East.

13.05 GA returns to golden bales ontop of the spire with prey.

13.07 Male returns and lands one crocket down from the top window.

13.55 Male flies off.

14.00 GA returns to box to feed chicks, Male chases a gull.

14.07 Male returns and lands one crocket above the top window.

14.15 Both birds fly East.

14.30 GA returns from unknown direction, and lands two crockets above the nest box.

15.10 Wind direction changes.