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Norwich Cathedral Peregrine Activity Log 21st of May 2017

The chick is 3 weeks old this weekend!

Our invaluable photographers reported that GA was eating her own breakfast at 07.00 and the male fed the chick at around 08.15.

09.45 As we set up the male was perched on the overhead camera.

10.20 GA appeared from the rear of the spire and flew accompanied by the male. GA returned to the platform and the male flew west.

11.10 2 buzzards and 3 peregrines were observed high over the Watch Point. The buzzards move south and our peregrines mob the 3rd peregrine. GA returned to the crocket east of the box to observe the chick and then was heard calling.

11.15 GA flew east at speed then banked north east.

11.18 GA returned with fresh prey, probably pigeon, and flew briefly with the male. He landed on the golden finials then flew off. GA took prey to finials, plucked and mantled over the kill.

11.45 A pair of buzzards were flying and displaying together high to the north and east of the spire.

11.46 GA to nest box and fed chick.

11.48 Male flew around spire, was briefly chased by a gull then returned to his favourite second crocket down.

11.57 GA leaves the platform taking the food remnants with her and flies east.

11.58 Male to platform.

12.00 GA to spire.

12.30 Male sitting on edge of box.

12.45 Male picking over the remains of the food in the platform then returns to the edge.

13.00 Male flies south east.

13.01 GA out of sight on the north then by 13.20 had disappeared briefly before returning to the north.

13.50 Male brings in food to the chick.

14.01 GA brings in food.

14.26 GA flew south east

15.05 Male sitting on the front of the platform before at 1524. flying south east, giving us our only anxious moments when neither adult is seen and both gulls and magpies are seen around the spire until

15.50 An adult peregrine returns to the rear of the spire.


The chick was very active at times in the platform and is almost big enough to peer over the edge of the platform. In a couple of days there should be some great views from the Watch Point of a (still fluffy) head. It’s also trying some ‘wing flapping’ which is quite difficult when your legs aren’t strong enough to lift your body of the gravel!

Thanks to Jan Smith for todays activity log