09:30 The opening positions for the day are as follows:

  1. Male perched at the third crocket down from the top window in the lee of the wind once more on the south east face.
  2. Female stood upright inside the platform at the end closest to the camera.
  3. Chick in the opposite corner of the platform to its mother where it can find some shade from the already powerful early morning sun.

10:15 Leaving his perch the male takes flight effortlessly and glides with hardly so much as a wingbeat first in a slow but fairly tight circle of the spire before increasing the radius of his next circuit. He comes to a rest momentarily at the crocket level with the platform on the south western side, mutes, and then takes flight regaining the altitude lost before settling at the second crocket down in full view.

10:58 Just after hopping round to perch on a west facing crocket at the same elevation, the male then takes flight west circling over the roof of the cathedral before being joined on the updraft by the female.

11:01 Having achieved nothing of any note in her flight the female takes up residence higher up the spire at the third down of the southern side.

11:08 Much like this time yesterday the male decides the most suitable place for him to reside is the stills camera above the platform from where he can keep in close contact with his sizeable chick.

11:40 In a rare turn of events GA must of taken flight whilst resisting the temptation to scream about it; we look up to the spire expecting her to be unmoved and instead find her to be nowhere in sight.

12:09 The male leaves the chick alone in the platform as he flies on a south westerly trajectory with more purpose than earlier in the day.

12:14 The unattended chick paces the length of the platform with growing speed and prowess of balance.

12:26 The male passes by the spire initially at a height similar to the platform before riding the thermals so high the speck he became eventually fades from sight.

13:28 The male passes through the close at reasonably low level near to the spire on a north – south trajectory without stopping.

14:00 Having not had a view for an extended period it’s a welcome relief to see the female return to the top of the spire accompanied by what appears to be a stock dove deceased during her absence.

14:17 Having plucked and prepared the kill the female delivers it to the box and proceeds to feed her chick.

14:32 After accompanying the chick inside the platform for a while after the feed, the female then heads off north.


As of 15:10 there was no change to the situation and I have had to leave the watch point early to catch the important part of the staff meeting! Apologies for the shortened day!

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