*Due to our attendance at the event in the Bishops Garden through the afternoon todays activity log is a shortened edition ending in its proper manner at 11:30 with occasional snippets of notable events recorded after. Having said this though the days entire coverage is roughly full length courtesy of Chris once more!*

0600 male low down on North side of spire.

0630 male moves to the West side of spire level with the platform.

0712 male comes back with collared dove and plucks out of sight on the North side of spire.

0735 male takes prey to box where GA grabs it and takes flight, circling the spire with the prey in her talons and lands back on the platform 5 minutes later

10:00 The watch point day begins with the Males whereabouts unknown whilst GA can be seen through means of the live-stream inside the platform with her chick. When the chick is visible through the morning it is distinctly noticeable how much it has grown already by this, its two week since hatching anniversary.

10:05 The Male appears and provides us with our first view of the day, he lands momentarily on the second crocket down of the north east face, then takes another brief flight which culminates with him landing on the rear of the spire.

10:18 The Male returns to the second crocket down on the eastern face before disappearing out of sight almost completely as he moves round to perch on the north eastern face.

10:40 Using food already within the nest, although still very fresh in appearance GA feeds her chick.

10:50 GA hops up to the platform edge holding food in her left foot, still with a firm grip on the remains she takes flight to the east. The Male notices the departure of his partner, and as is nice to see after the events we witnessed earlier in the week, he is more attentive to his chick and enters the platform to brood.

10:55 GA soon returns, and still with a firm grip on the prey remains, heads to the finials where she commences feeding from said remains.

11:05 Finally relinquishing her grip on the prey GA flies empty handed to the south east.

11:30 Despite the presence of the Male inside the platform, much to our dismay a Magpie is spotted climbing the western face of the spire one crocket at a time seemingly working in partnership with its mate calling from a tree nearby to the watch point. To everyone’s relief the Magpie ascends beyond the level of the platform and eventually reaches the top of the spire where once reaching the finials it hastily takes hold of the prey remains GA had left before doing its best imitation of her; dropping like a stone the Magpie enters something closely resembling a stoop and is lost out of sight to the north east.

12:30ish Just as we are on manoeuvres from the watch point to the Bishops Garden, with all our equipment in tow the Female returns and discovers a reasonably low level Buzzard which she deems to be a threat, a one sided aerial duel won convincingly by GA ensues.


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