The falcon fights back

The 2017 breeding season has proved dramatic and unusual so far. The resident falcon and tiercel laid their clutch, but juvenile KP, a youngster from last year has consistently been trying to take over the nest, and has been determined in his attempts to ‘do his duty’ and incubate what we suspect he sees as his eggs. The adults have been tolerant of his interventions so far, but as hatching time approaches we are expecting to see a change in their behaviour, although it will be fascinating to see how this plays out.

Recalcitrant youngster KP received a bit of a shock this evening when the falcon entered the nest box, immediately became ‘physical’ with him and effectively pushed him off of the eggs. 

This is the first time she has been seen to take her talons to KP inside the box. Based on the time full incubation was believed to have started, today was the estimated date for hatching to start. Possibly the eggs have been ‘talking’……..



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  1. The two seemed very close this afternoon when KP entered the nest and the falcon his mother showed him the new arrival . She even left them with him while she had a short break . KP didn’t want to stop brroding them but soon after a stand off The falcon returned and the falcon and KP the eggs and the energetic little ball of white fluff settled with kp on guard duty on the patio..where is AA ?

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