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The High Quality, Widescreen Cameras with sound installed at Norwich Cathedral Spire will continue to provide our best ever quality streams to viewers around the world. Our technical partners, iCode, provide a single hybrid video stream that plays on all platforms, from desktops and laptops (Apple & Windows) to iPads, tablets, Android smartphones and iPhones.

The St Johns Church, Bath webcam provides a single hybrid stream serving all viewing devices, unfortunately without sound. When funds allow we hope to upgrade the Bath webcams to the same HQ Widescreen specification as those used in Norwich.

Simply click the Quick Linx icons at the top right of any page to visit either our Bath or Norwich Webcam Feeds or click on the links below:

Norwich Camera System

We are sorry but there is technical issue with the sound at the Norwich camera. We will be able to investigate, and hopefully, fix this in the next few weeks.


Our Live Peregrine Web Cam Feeds have proven more popular than ever with a large online audience watching the fortunes of our Norwich Cathedral and Bath St John’s Peregrines and their chicks from all over the world. We also stream it into many schools to help children to learn the wonders of these top predators and to millions of people across the planet!

However … bandwidth is expensive and we need all the financial assistance we can to help offset expenses which are a drain on our funds.

‘HG’ the surviving Bath chick from 2014 with his famous ‘punk’ haircut!

Can You Help?
If you have enjoyed watching the Norwich Peregrines, any donation – no matter how small – will help us to continue to bring this urban Peregrine adventure to yours and many thousands of other screens and continue the essential work that we do. This in turns raises the profile of the magnificent bird helping to secure a safe future for it and other birds of prey.

Click Here today to go to our easy ‘Make a Donation’ form. Choose which project you would like to support with your donation by simply ticking the appropriate box.  Thank you.

You can also text a donation via your mobile by texting the following:

One of the Norwich Peregrines on their nesting platform 2014. Please help us continue this important project by sending a donation- thanks!
  • To support the Norwich Peregrines text ‘HAWK04 £5‘ to 70070
  • To support the Bath Peregrines text ‘HAWK05 £5‘ to 70070

If you would prefer to send a cheque then our postal address is:

Hawk and Owl Trust, Turf Moor Road, Sculthorpe, Fakenham, Norfolk, NR21 9GN

If you wish to call us with any questions about the peregrine project and how to make a donation, then please call us on 01328 850590.

Thank you so much for your support!


The Hawk and Owl Trust runs two Urban Peregrine Project sites: at Norwich Cathedral and St Johns RC Church, Bath.

“Urban wildlife plays a crucial role in enriching people’s lives: without it, many people would have no access to nature and all the benefits it brings”
‘State of Nature’ Report 2013

Both projects have captivated the imagination of the local population as well as web site visitors to the Trust’s live and still capture webcams. The Peregrine pairs have featured in regional and national media online, in print and on television.

Norwich Cathedral has only been ‘discovered’ by Peregrines in the last 4 or 5 years as they slowly started to re-colonise Norfolk after a breeding absence of over 100 years. Even then it took the installation of a nesting platform by the Hawk and Owl Trust to provide these wild birds with a suitably attractive place the use. The Bath Peregrines have been established for much longer.

Other inner city sites were ‘colonised’ sooner. Visit our ‘other projects’ pages to learn more | Click Here

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